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Quality Healthcare Services

Quality Healthcare Services is certified by the Department of (DBH) to provide Mental Health Rehabilitation Services to youth and adolescents in the District of Columbia as a CORE SERVICE AGENCY.

Our clinical services places a strong emphasis on treating the entire family with the goals of restoring a sense of hope, bringing balance to the family, and providing a comprehensive treatment plan developed around the child’s/adolescent’s specific needs.

Family participation is highly encouraged; parenting groups and parenting skills are also offered.

Mental Health Services for Youth, Adolescents and Families in Washington DC

Quality Health Care Services,LLC offer therapy by licensed mental health and substance abuse professionals to children and adolescents — including those in foster care, institutions

We help clients through a wide range of social and emotional difficulties so that they can become secure, capable, and confident individuals able to overcome the challenges they face and reach their full potential. The staff at Quality Health Care Services, LLC has access to exceptional resources to help treat but not trauma and PTSD issues, counseling, and mental therapy in schools or home environments, to the comfortability of the client.

Our CORE Mental Health Services for youth and families In DC

  • Therapy and Family Counselling
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Domestic Abuse Support
  • Behavioral Health
  • Mental Health Program for School Children
  • Early Childhood Mental Health
  • Mental Health Program for Teenagers and Adolescents
  • Trauma and PTSD Management
  • Maternal Mental Health Programs
  • Community Support

About Us

Making Mental Healthcare Services accessible for Youths and Families in DC!

We envision a world where all youth with mental illness and /or addiction can achieve recovery and can live with dignity and respect as valued members of their families and communities.

Quality Healthcare Services is comprised of groups of dedicated Behavioral Health Practitioners ranging from Psychiatrists, Addiction Counselors, Psychologists, Clinical Social Workers, Community Support Workers, and Management professionals with more than thirty years of combined experience in healthcare delivery.

Words from our Patients

"I am very happy with the services provided by QHCS. Everything has been great! The intake process was quick and the employees were very understanding and great to talk to, and both of my kids are showing improvement from their behavior at home, and school performance.""

Ms. Smith – Mother of two patients at QHS

"My son, Ray has a good relationship with Ms. Maya his CSW (Community Support Worker). She even gets along well with me as well. Maya has gone above call of duty to ensure Ray is achieving his goals. I am very pleased to be working with QHCS. "

Ms. Latisha – Mother of Ray

"I am happy that Mike has someone to talk to, help him with managing his symptoms, and make sure he is getting the services he needs (i.e. Psych Evaluation and Therapy). Mr. Saidi, (Mike’s CSW) is doing great job and I am delighted with his work."

Ms. Jessica – Mother of Mike

"I appreciate the fact that we didn't have to wait to get services, the intake process was fast and the employees were accommodating. I am very happy with the services provided by QHCS for my son. "

Father of Izaiah