Our Services

Get a closer look at the wide range of mental health services we provide for Youth and Families in DC

Mental Health Services for Youth, Adolescents and Families in Washington DC

Quality Health Care Services,LLC offer therapy by licensed mental health and substance abuse professionals to children and adolescents — including those in foster care, institutions

We help clients through a wide range of social and emotional difficulties so that they can become secure, capable, and confident individuals able to overcome the challenges they face and reach their full potential. The staff at Quality Health Care Services, LLC has access to exceptional resources to help treat but not trauma and PTSD issues, counseling, and mental therapy in schools or home environments, to the comfortability of the client.

We will guide our consumers to overcome most troubles that many faces from substance abuse problems give referrals for housing programs and resources, domestic violence victims, and any hardships one may experience in the walk of life.

Quality Health Care Services, LLC will ensure we attain the best version of each individual that comes in contact with our agency and ensure we provide the best services to all seeking help in Washington, DC.

Our CORE Mental Health Services for youth and families In DC

  • Therapy and Family Counselling
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Domestic Abuse Support
  • Behavioral Health
  • Mental Health Program for School Children
  • Early Childhood Mental Health
  • Mental Health Program for Teenagers and Adolescents
  • Trauma and PTSD Management
  • Maternal Mental Health Programs
  • Community Support

Our Process

A closer look at how we work

Diagnostic Assessment

Quality Health Care Services, offer diagnostic assessment by proven, top-licensed professional staff. This process helps gather information on the individual and helps to determine the initial problem, the current mental status of the individual, and appropriate diagnostic impression.

Psych Evaluation

The licensed Psychiatrists at Quality Health Care Services, are able to use tools to diagnose the thought processes, behaviors, and problems with memory that may be affecting an individual. In this process of care, diagnosis is established, which can include but is not limited to depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and addiction.

Individual Therapy

Quality Health Care Services, offers one on one therapy session with our compassionate , caring and licensed Clinicians, that are able to help work through personal issues that they’re facing. This process can help overcome emotional difficulties and mental illness.

Approaches to psychotherapy fall into five broad categories:

  • Psychoanalysis and psychodynamic therapies
  • Behavior therapy
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Humanistic therapy
  • Integrative or holistic therapy

Medication Management

We also are able to offer Medication Management, to ensure individuals are taking prescribed medications as required, gauging that they’re achieving their planned ,therapeutic outcome. The Licensed clinicians at Quality may also recommend noninvasive methods to therapies to individual’s, on determination per each case.

Case Management

The team at Quality Health Care Services will assign qualified Community Support Workers (CSW), to help clients in managing their day-to-day activities, and functions of their lives to ensure full independence and better quality of life. The Community Support Workers will provide support skills, coping and management tools, and different resources to ensure all individuals meet their ultimate goal of care.

About Quality Healthcare DC

Quality Healthcare Services is certified by Department of (DBH) to provide Mental Health Rehabilitation Services to Adults in District of Columbia as a CORE SERVICE AGENCY.

Our clinical services place a strong emphasis on treating the entire family with the goals of restoring a sense of hope, bringing balance to the family, and providing a comprehensive treatment plan developed around the child’s/adolescent’s specific needs.

Family participation is highly encouraged; parenting groups and parenting skills are also offered.

Why Choose Us?


We value and welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds and their varied experiences. We work hard to assure that our staff, planning processes, and programs are respectful and responsive to the needs of diverse populations and families.


We will evaluate, monitor, and improve our services, as we are accountable to our stakeholders and Individuals we serve. We believe in continuous quality improvement in order to enhance programmatic and administrative abilities to meet and exceed the needs of our clients.


We deliver care that embraces each client's values, culture, language, abilities, and rights. At every level, the highest standard of excellence and professionalism is expected of all persons acting on behalf of the organization.


We develop mutually respectful relationships at every level through meaningful, effective communication and genuine consideration for each individual.


We advocate on behalf of our clients, speak out for those whose voices are not heard, and provide community leadership and education for client's issues and concerns.


We are committed to the highest standards of moral and ethical principles.

Words from our Patients

"I am very happy with the services provided by QHCS. Everything has been great! The intake process was quick and the employees were very understanding and great to talk to, and both of my kids are showing improvement from their behavior at home, and school performance.""

Ms. Smith – Mother of two patients at QHS

"My son, Ray has a good relationship with Ms. Maya his CSW (Community Support Worker). She even gets along well with me as well. Maya has gone above call of duty to ensure Ray is achieving his goals. I am very pleased to be working with QHCS. "

Ms. Latisha – Mother of Ray

"I am happy that Mike has someone to talk to, help him with managing his symptoms, and make sure he is getting the services he needs (i.e. Psych Evaluation and Therapy). Mr. Saidi, (Mike’s CSW) is doing great job and I am delighted with his work."

Ms. Jessica – Mother of Mike

"I appreciate the fact that we didn't have to wait to get services, the intake process was fast and the employees were accommodating. I am very happy with the services provided by QHCS for my son. "

Father of Izaiah